Secure Document Services

Many companies have large amounts of paper based documents, much of this could be out of date – a potential breach of GDPR data protection regulations. 

ALG delivers peace of mind.

GDPR Compliant

Secure Transportation

Commercial Shredding

One of the many services we provide for our clients is secure documentation storage at a secure location, scanning of documents on to various storage devices and destruction of secure documents.

Our fully vetted operatives will collect your documents from your office and transport them safely to our secure location, where they will be rapidly processed.

If you request, secure documents can be scanned onto storage devices. ALG are fully aware of GDPR and other data protection legislation, and depending upon the sensitive nature of the documents, we will require written permission to do so. We have a sole contract with one of only six commercial shredders in the UK, which guarantees full destruction of any item.

As our client you will have full disclosure of this location as it will form part of our agreement. We also guarantee that we will never disclose any information held or viewed to any other third party without prior written consent. We feel that trust is not only a core value of our services but also a necessity for our clients.

ALG will be happy to arrange a free consultation of your document destruction needs.

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